Our Mission:
To provide healthy nutritious foods for those in need in the communities we serve

Our Vision:
To create healthy, self-sufficient and thriving communities

We are committed to providing quality, nutritious food to all who are in need throughout our community.   After discovering the health issues our clients face, our mission grew from simply assisting with logistics and storage of food to improving the nutritional value of the food we provide to our recipients. Fresh produce is the key to advancing our mission as it is a sustainable, relatively low cost product and, by far, a superior food product to heavily salted and sugared processed foods. It is important that we quantify the amount (8 pounds per person or approximately 24 servings) of produce provided to individuals and the percentage of produce (currently 40-45%) as the entire food distribution. But more importantly, we feel it is our duty to return to families in need the dignity of choice and to allow children the normalcy of experiencing fresh fruit and vegetables as part of their diets.

The Northern Neck Food Bank currently serves the counties of Essex, Lancaster, Northumberland, Middlesex, Richmond and Westmoreland including Colonial Beach.